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Bad News:
The laptop I use to draw won't start, so I am unable to draw at the moment.
I just checked I have 101 watched :D 

Thank u guys :333333
I'm so sick of playing the piano because of my mom.

Every time I even look at it I just think of my mom using physical force for me to play it whenever I refuse.

I use to like to play piano.

But now I just hate it.

I mean I'm pretty sure she still loves me but piano is one of the things that gets physical over.
AoZ Wendigo|R4


Ok so I decided to revamp him because well I didn't like his last revamp fam. Anyways, why the sudden change to white class? Well, I feel like he would more or less belong in White class considering he is the type to choose brains over brawn [but he isn't physically weak] and he doesn't exactly hate humans, he isn't very fond of them that's all. And I found a song that fits him XD

Bullet; Red Basic Information

Name: Wendigo (Formally 4583)
Age: 19
Day Of birth/creation: June 14 |Gimini|
Height: 6'00
Class: White
Relationship: Currently shipped w/ Fala :iconfala-nightfall:
Features: Odder red-glarish eyes, a few smaller scars on his face, red bangs on his hair, has a slight British accent, and has a rather slim and 2% feminine-like build

Bullet; Red Personal Background

Likes: Fala, violens, books, October [freinds y'know], toxic/scary flowers, the woods, human flesh.

Dislikes: People flirting w/ Fala, fire, silver tipped bullets and arrows. [He doesn't have much of a problem w/ Holy things, he can wear a rosary and be finish]

Personality: Intelligence, slightly inquisitive, cold towards strangers/aquatinces, standoffish, but does have a warmer side to him, tho can be rather violent to strangers still.

Short Story: Being partly raised with rights, and then having it taken away, Wendigo was not ever given a nane when he was 'born' rather given a number, 4583. Because he had no faith in nearly anything after being separated almost permanently from 3248 and 3249 (Genetically they can be considered cousins) he basically turned to satanism. He (Zalgo) promised one day that if 4583 went to AoZ he could get revenge, he needing a somewhat violent and intellectual student. By revenge, he turned Wendigo into a Zalgoloid and he was allowed to get his revenge. After attending AoZ for a while, 4583, now known as Wendigo, found out that 3248 was attending PH.

Bullet; Red Abilities

Skills and powers: Enhanced strength and speed, imitate various [human] voices, claws, stealth.
Weakness: Fire, silver tipped bullets, arrows, fire, FIRE.

Bullet; RedExtra

| Theme | 【Cyber Diva】 Exorcism 【Vocaloid Original Song】
He got possessed by demons a lot before coming to AoZ
The common high-ranking WindWing

The common low ranking/phesantry 

WindWings Fantribe Information


WindWings are slim dragons due to their habitat. [See Habitat] Depending on how high they hatch, will choose their wing and claw traits. Dragons that live lower down the mountain generally will have the wings of RainWings, while high up the mountain SkyWing wings become more common. Dragon whom live lower down will have claws that are better adjusted for grabbing onto rocks and hanging onto them, whiles higher up claws become curved like a hawk’s to hang and grab onto ledges. The difference between royalty is all WindWings have RainWing ruffs, but royalty will have larger ones, and will have a certain pattern to it. 

WindWings vary in size.

Albinos have existed


•WindWing are commonly shades of red, orange, green or gold. But they can also be different [tho uncommon] colors like purple, lime, cyan and fuchsia. Eye color can be any due to RainWing genes. There is a rare genetic gene that survived since the first dragons who came to their continent. Albinos have existed, tho do not do well if they exist higher up in the mountain.


•| Common |
Usually WindWings have the ability to make/generate large spouts of wind with their wings [see Animus Dragons], and extreme resistance to UV rays.

•| Rare |
A very rare genetic mutation [RainWing genes] is the ability to exhale lethal [in closed spaces] amounts of toxic gas, that was a green color, and a sharp chemical smell. They have two pairs of lungs so they will not accidentally exhale the gas.

RainWing scale color shifting is quite rare but occurs every 100-150 years.

Tho extremely rare, some have hatched w/ nightvision, believed due to a few Seawing hybrids coming to the island, their eyes would be completely black, but there eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight.

Animi have existed.


WindWings are extremely susceptible to ice and freezing weather, are not fire resistant, have to be careful with foods, poisonous/venomous animals, and younger WindWings have to be careful not to knock others into the wall. There is also very dangerous animals they have to deal w/.
If they ever got into a fight with another tribe from the main continent, they would not know how to exactly fight them. 


The government is set up this way:
The tribe is run by their queen, who works with a council- usually comprised of the tribes smartest and most trusted- to run the tribe. The rankings like basically like this: WindWings of higher status will live higher up the mountain, while lower class live lower.

The tribe is very artistic, but this does not mean they are very peaceful, as they have specially trained troops of soldiers to fight the other deadly inhabitants of the island [See Habitat] and are quite aggressive towards any scavengers.


They live on a continent a little bigger than Pyrrhia. They inhabit a humongous mountain [range] that at the lower bases inhabits a large rainforest. Since the mountain is rich in minerals, gems and the like, they have been mining for centuries, causing them to become slim genetically over time due to having to fit in narrow spaces.

The mountain also has bamboo forests, which is inhabitant to Giant Pandas [They are kept as pets] while there is a large section of tundra-like land.

In the tundra is home to the most dangerous threat WindWings face called Tursks, which are lizard-like creatures with shells on it’s back and is like a snapping turtle. It’s bigger than a dragon and are extremely dangerous. WindWings are unable to survive in the cold there so they cannot inhabit that area. The other dangers are giant flying hawks bigger than a dragon as well. Numerous dragonets have been snatched away by Giant Hawks, the most notable being Prince IceStorm and Princess Chameleon [See Royalty], the Giant Hawks live on a territory near the Tursk’s territory.

Around the continent are crazy storms that protect the island, the original settlers came at a lucky time when the storm was open at a point for a week, and has been documented that once per month the storm opens for a week.+


WindWings eat an omnivorous diet, some raising some editable animals on the island for food, fish at times, they also eat various fruits and veggies found in the Rainforest, but they have to be wary of poisonous fruits and veggies.


There is no religion, it was cut off a long time ago and forgotten from Pyrrhia, but some very small group of dragons worship a god of destruction.

Any special days they celebrated

They celebrate the day the original settlers came to the island, “Settler’s day” that was 800 A.S.
They celebrate king and queen’s birthdays, birthdays of animi and famous figures.


Higher ranking dragons tend to take jobs like being jewelers, painters, sculptors and chiefs, while lower classes have the most common such as mining, as their habitat is extremely plentiful in jewels, minerals and metals. They can also take jobs like gather bamboo, raise Pandas for pets [They keep pandas as pets], building, farming and wood gathering. Middle class is a mixture of these two. It is possible to marry up the ranks, marrying into royalty will move up immediate family [Aunts/Uncles, parents, siblings and children, tho children cannot compete for the throne].


To match up w/ the current Pyrrhia year [Around 5000 A.S.] the current queen is Queen Peregrine, named that due to her blue-grey scale color. Royal WindWings have bigger ruffs with patterns on it. Royalty being the highest on the ranks, lives exactly on the top. The royalty system is exactly as the same. While they are probably the most well guarded dragons in the kingdom, there was one unfortunate pair of royal siblings, Prince IceStorm and Princess Chameleon. Prince IceStorm was snatched away and killed by a Giant Hawk when he was playing outside with his sister. Princess Charmeleon on the other hand, was badly mained and left w/ a crippled leg by the ordeal, but only survived because she was born with color shifting scales and was able to hide.

The current queen, Queen Peregrine

Animus Dragons

The tribe got their animus gene from the SkyWings. This is due to their move being before SkyWings fully killed of their animi. The first animus known in the tribe was WhirlWind, she did not marry into the royal family. The current known animus is RedWood. There are certain animus touched items the tribe has to control their animi. There is a soul reader [Touched by the animus Fern], one to make animus powers dormant and another to awaken them [Both touched by Gryphon, Fern’s daughter] the dormentation and awakening of animi powers is decided by the council. If they decide by the soul reader that an animus will become dangerous soon, they make their powers dormant. It’s only the council's decision to re-awaken those powers, with the consolation of the queen.  

After a few centuries the tribe started to lose their Fire and Venom, so an animus, Stratus, enchanted the tribe and future generations to be able to generate very strong blasts of wing for their wings, making them formidable towards things that fly.


Animus dragons are given the privilege of living in the second highest rank no matter where they have been hatched, and can marry into the royal family [Tho animi usually do not as they want their animi genes to not be strictly in the royal family]

Alliances, relationships

•No Alliances as was never part of the SandWing succession war.

•SandWings: A few only know them as a dragon's tale

•MudWings: Does not know about.

•SeaWings: Occasionally one swims way to far out and ends up near the continent, may see a WindWing but usually the SeaWing gets killed by the crazy storms around the continent. Extremely few actually know the ‘story’.

•SkyWings: They only know about how nearly half the tribe left as it’s recorded in their history.

•RainWings: They hadn't recorded their history, thus does not know about the RainWings that left, and have never heard of the WindWings.

•IceWings: Rarely one might fly to check out the continent, but they usually end up in the Ice Kingdom, freeze to death, and if a IceWing finds the corpse, will determine that it’s a hybrid and either a; dispose of the body, or b; give it to a tribe scientist to study.

•NightWings: The two tribes have come into contact before because of the NightWings not living in their kingdom anymore, but it was only on very slim instances, at least enough that the NightWings decided to draw one of them out, but nothing more than that.

I will add in more when I find the time


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